Mission Statement

Dr. Ricks Empowers, LLCĀ  aims at (1) educating and exposing you to new ways of succeeding, (2) engaging you to launch your dreams, (3) expounding upon sage principles that are practical and relational, and (4) edifying you to maximize your personal, spiritual, and educational growth via motivational messages, books, and seminar facilitation.



Pain is Necessary

“Breaking records, breaking curses, breaking habits, and breaking barriers are often like labor pains; It hurts and at times it may feel like you are next to death itself, but you keep pushing because on the other side of the excruciating pain is a new version of YOU!” This is a powerful truth that trumps…

Don’t allow rejection to become the Law of your life

“It’s perfectly okay to be “rejected” by others Just don’t be a part of that group. When others reject you; it only becomes an OPINION; but once a YOU reject yourself, it becomes a LAW and all LAWS demand that we follow them to the letter. Many of us will go to our graves having…

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