Are you a Rock or a Rabbit?

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Rabbits are known to multiply at an alarming rate. They are known to taste like chicken when eaten, and they are known run very fast when they sense danger. Rabbits are cute, cuddly, and precious, but they bring no true value beyond “looking cute” and cuddly. A rock on the other hand is solid, waterproof, and able to cause damage when thrown at an object or obstacle. A true friend is like a Rock. They have a stable mindset and keep us grounded and rooted in our integrity and provide a refuge in the time of storm. We can use their wise advice to toss at life’s obstacles, deception, and lies that attempt to hold us hostage. If you are facing a giant in your life right now and you can’t seem to get free from it, it could be that you are surrounding yourself with Rabbits not Rocks.

Question of the Day

Are you a Rock or a Rabbit in your friendships? Can you transform a Rabbit friend into a Rock friend? Share your thoughts.

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One Response to "Are you a Rock or a Rabbit?"

  1. Parnell Posted on November 13, 2013 at 2:54 am

    …a Rock. Yes, you can’t transform a Rabbit into a Rock friend. How? Both of you need to join the military. A Rabbit will become a Rock when he has something he will pledge allegiance to and die for.

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