Beyond the Grave: Greatness vs. Average

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As I was sitting in my office chair at work, thinking of the hundreds of students I have advised, encouraged, educated, and directed, I asked myself a perrenial question. What separates GREATNESS from AVERAGE?

God began to speak to my heart and said, “Lamont, when you can honestly impact people in a positive manner after you are dead and gone, then you will achieve the status of GREATNESS. Showing your “haters” love, walking side-by-side with those in crisis, helping someone get into college,¬†filling a stranger’s refridgerator with groceries, driving a friend out of town to¬†visit a sick relative, taking someone in until they get on thier feet…..All while never “demanding” recognition, payment, or re-imbursement. This is how your “works” linger in the minds of those we encounter.

If you really want to be considered GREAT and not AVERAGE, then you are going to have to do the things that will impact, BEYOND THE GRAVE.



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