For My Young People: You CAN do it!

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 “I “failed” the first grade at Camelot Elementary School, Had to stop playing football due to Asthma at Deep Creek-1993, I scored a “combined” SAT score of 680, I was told by my Guidance Counselor that I was not “able” to go to a 4-year college and should get a trade. But the God I served gave me the “MOTIVATION” to earn a Bachelors from ODU, a Master’s from Hampton U, an Advanced Degree from Regent U, and “Earned” Doctorate from Regent U. at 31 years old, Work as an Adjunct Professor at Regent U, work as an Assistant Principal with Chesapeake Public Schools, and Self-publish: 21 Pillars of Power on Amazon and Barnes and So to all of my Young kids out there, you have no excuse….I DID THE  UNTHINKABLE because I “out ran” the low expectations of “some” of my TEACHERS AND GUIDANCE COUNSELORS. If you are still breathing God’s oxygen, YOU CAN BECOME AN OVERCOMER!!!

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