Don’t allow rejection to become the Law of your life

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“It’s perfectly okay to be “rejected” by others Just don’t be a part of that group. When others reject you; it only becomes an OPINION; but once a YOU reject yourself, it becomes a LAW and all LAWS demand that we follow them to the letter. Many of us will go to our graves having not tapped into the wealth of potential God gave us because of the rejection of others. Honestly, people will reject you in some facet of life, but don’t allow that rejection stop you for achieving greatness. I’m pretty sure that when Chick-fil-a took a stand on closing on Sundays that some people in high places mocked and ridiculed that decision. However, everyday I pass a Chick-fil-a restaurant there is a long line of cars wrapped around the building from 6 AM to 10 PM 6 days a week. There are a host of examples of great people, such as athletes, politicians, preachers, educators, and coaches who were rejected for believing in themselves.

Rejection is like a stop light at an intersection. It can slow us down, but as long as you stay in your lane and keep driving through the lights, you will reach your God given destiny.


Dr. Ricks, The Dynamic Hope Specialist

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