The Power of an Apple: Concentrate to Elevate

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One man had 1 apple; another man had 12 apples. The man with 12 apples ate all of his and began to complain of hunger. The man with 1 apple sliced it into 4 pieces. He planted the seeds and grew an apple tree which produced 1000s more. He went on to make apple juice, apple jelly, apple cider, apple vinegar, apple sauce, and apple pie-all from 1 apple. You see, it’s not about how much talent you have, it’s about your willingness to maximize the 1 gift that God gave you. Stop complaining about your 1 gift and start planting seeds of greatness from that gift. God has placed each of us on a particular lane of Greatness, but if we do not recognize that “we” have something great to plant in this world, then we will continue to complain based on comparison with other folks.

 You will be surprised how far 1 talent can take you.

What are some of your talents and gifts?

What are you passionate about?

How can you hone(sharpen) that one talent and/or gift you have?

God Bless You,

Dr. Ricks, The Dynamic Hope Specialist

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