IMG_8906Mission Statement
Dr. Ricks Empowers, LLC  aims at (1) educating and exposing you to new ways of succeeding, (2) engaging you to launch your dreams, (3) expounding upon sage principles that are practical and relational, and (4) edifying you to maximize your personal, intellectual, and educational growth via motivational messages, books, and seminar facilitation.
About Dr. Ricks 
Speaker, educator, and author Dr. Lamont Ricks is known for captivating his audience using unique illustrative delivery and style. Both young and older groups alike are energized by his ability to strategically present thought-provoking ideas in ordinary, everyday language. One session with Dr. Ricks and you will be inspired and primed to launch your career, business venture, ministry, or educational dream onto the sea of destiny! Success only goes where it is invited and Dr. Ricks can help you send out the invitation.
Dr. Ricks currently works as School Administrator in a top-tier Virginia Public School Division. He has also worked as an adjunct professor in Regent University’s Graduate School of Education in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Over the years, he has impacted hundreds of middle and high school students on the subjects of academic achievement, bullying, self-esteem building, goal setting, conflict resolution, and decision-making strategies. Dr. Ricks has also trained educators in the realm of Culturally responsive instruction and Positive Behavioral Intervention Systems (PBIS). Dr. Ricks is the author of three (3) books, (1) 21 Pillars of Power, (2) Legacy of Manhood: Developing a male into a MAN, and most recently, the much anticipated The Grind Codes: Un-locking the Power of Personal Success through Self-Assessment and Self-Determination. This book is sure to be a classic!
He has earned a Bachelors in Human Services Counseling from Old Dominion University; a Master of Arts from Hampton University; an advanced degree in Educational Leadership from Regent University; and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership (k-12) from Regent University. It is his life’s mission to inspire his readers to soar above the low expectations and ascend to unearthly heights.