Dr. Ricks is passionate about sharing his personal story of achieving the impossible. It is his unwavering belief that as long as you have breath in your body and the ability to read, you can do anything you put your hands, heart, and mind to. Having struggled in the k-12 setting, he decided that “enough was enough.” He made a vow to himself that he would not allow his teachers’ low expectations of him to become his own. As a result, he ascended to the apex of education by earning a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Regent University at the age of 32.

He believes that any individual can change the paradigm of their environment simply by deciding to (1) honor God (2) identify their strengths, talents, and gifts, (3) refine their skills, (4) develop a mind-set of excellence, (5) read veraciously, (6) believe they have a “right” to become successful, (7) take calculated risks towards their goals, (8) surround themselves with positive influences, and (9) fight for success regardless of the odds.

If you are looking for a dynamic speaker and motivator you need not look any further. Dr. Ricks, the “The Motivational Minister™” is here at your service! Hire him today!!!