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Whether you’re a business professional, student, athlete, educator, or minister, we all live to be successful at our craft. Success is a beautiful phenomenon of the human experience. No one wants to be a failure. All of us want to win at life, regardless of race, gender, or age. Many are under the delusion that talent and giftedness makes one successful. On the contrary, a gift or talent may land you in realm of success, but it is the ability to consistently grind that will keep you there. In the book, The Grind Codes: Un-locking the power of Personal Success through Self-Assessment and Self-Determination Dr. L.E. Ricks outlines 18 powerful success principles that will help anyone from any walk of life achieve personal success. Are you willing to grind? Are you ready to change the game? Are your ready to beat the odds? Are you ready to overcome the impossible? Well if you are ready, you will need an arsenal of tools that will ensure that you achieve what you desire: Personal Success!

The Grind Codes will teach and inspire you to:

*Overcome daily Adversity
*Create success habits
*Identify and remove toxic people from your life
*Master what you Manage (Time & Resources)
*Formulate a strong Plan of Action
*Use Negative experiences to fuel your achievement
*Create a Blueprint for success that works
*Break through the walls of resistance
*And much more!