Hear what people had to say about Dr. Ricks’ Book Release Celebration and Motivational Speech.


“Very Good! It’s amazing to see what God does in the lives of those who will trust Him regardless of what people say or even what they see with their natural eyes. Dr. Ricks’ message was inspiring and I look forward to seeing lives changed based on reading his book, 21 Pillars of Power.”S. Dansby, Author of Journey through the Furnace: God is There!


“You encouraged me to search within myself and use my skills and God-given talents to become more efficient to strive to my hopes and dreams. Knowing God will provide. You have truly invested into my future.”–R.L. Potts


“Total Motivation and Encouragement to watch and receive the deliverance God has for me. I loved the Illustration about the widow and Elisha.”–T. Pierce, Middle School Teacher


“Positive, Encouraging, and Uplifting…I needed this!!!”–J. Clayton, Middle School Teacher


“The presentation gave me hope and encouragement to pursue several dreams I’ve been postponing for various reasons”-C. Downes


“Pure Encouragement! I can’t wait to read 21 Pillars of Power.”–P. Lassiter


“The analogies of Dr. Ricks were awesome and inspiring. God bless all of your endeavors, Dr. Ricks.”–D. Anderson


“Very impact-ful and concise”–A. Parker


“I was thoroughly motivated by your message this morning. It was so enlightning and encouraging. Keep up the good work.”–A. Harrell, Sr.


“He is such an amazing speaker. He speaks on the world today and how people can come through situations. When he speaks, I listen. He is a compassionate man who is serious about the Lord.”–C. Lawhorne


“Dr. Ricks’ presentation was very dynamic and insightful. I look forward to reading the book and being encouraged by its words. I recommend this book to everyone!”–E. Goodwin, Graduate Student


“I really enjoyed Dr. Ricks’ clear presentation.”–Pastor G. Norris, Friendship Baptist Church


“Dr. Ricks spoke to my spirit about overcoming adversity through the power of God.”–K. Sands


“Dr. Ricks’ presentation was truly empowering! I was truly encouraged by his stories. Overall, the message of 21 Pillars of Power is quite timely. I appreciated Dr. Ricks sharing the testimony about his journey.”–R. Jacobs


“I think the presentation was EXCELLENT!!”–L. Samuel, School Teacher


“What a dynamic production! A great motivator!”–R. Carter, Teacher


“The presentation encouraged me to continue to pour oil into others. Your words pierced my heart and I am motivated to complete my third book. Thank you, Dr. Ricks!!!–A. Corprew-Boyd, Author & Educator


“Dr. Ricks inspired me to think outside of the box. To look at things outside of the ordinary. To take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. Thank you.”-K. Madison


“Dr. Ricks’ presentation and program was fantastic! Really enjoyed it.”-M. King


“Dr. Ricks’ presentation was uplifting and very motivating.”– J. Williams


“The book and presentation was very motivating and encouraged me to continue on my career path and never give up on my dreams.”–V. Goodwin


“I was blessed, encouraged, and inspired. I am looking forward to reading this powerful book.”–F. Ricks


“Dr. Ricks’ presentation today was truly outstanding!”–V. Bolden